Monday, May 24, 2010

Sin Street

After not having done one of my faux-vintage paperback book covers in a while, I did one just as a lark--then I found myself working on this one just a week or so later. Frequently my mind works like that.

I had fiddled with how to illustrate the main character, never quite settling on the right way to go. Then I set it aside and went for my daily run, and during the run the look you see above popped into my head. I realized that scratchy, all-black-and-white feel would be the perfect contrast to the brightly colored background. Once I got home, it was all downhill (in a good way), and the whole piece fell into place very quickly.

Unlike the previous paperback cover, this one is more like the other ones in the series--the title, tagline, and author are all from a real vintage paperback book, with an all-new cover.

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