Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ghost

This piece started out with me just sort of goofing around with the main image, of the woman brandishing the two guns. After messing with it, it sort of grew into a full-fledged fake movie poster.

I was trying out a couple of different designs, when a central white figure with a monochromatic blue background popped into my head, and at that point I just worked towards that goal. I eventually settled on what "kind" of movie I wanted this as-yet-untitled movie to be: a 70s style adventure/thriller, with exotic locations, great stunts, and shadowy figures.

So I added each one of those elements--somebody falling from a building, a creepy guy draped in shadows, and a mysterious symbol meaning...something. I loved the way all those elements contrasted with the flat white figure (whose appearance eventually inspired the title).

Truth be told, it doesn't look all that vintage, despite the fact that it uses the same cast as my fake 70s sexploitation movie Sisterhood of Sin, but what the hey. Near the end of the process, I thought about adding a "From the people who brought you Sisterhood of Sin" blurb, but I decided that was too cutesy and I left it off.

Overall, I'm really happy with it--its pretty close to what I saw in my head, and I think this looks pretty cool. I'd see this movie!


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Steve said...

Wow. Jack Hill and Rainbeaux Smith, no less. Sounds groovy!