Monday, February 15, 2010

Monster PSA: Margot Kidder

Like my Caroline Munro piece, this poster really doesn't fit under the "Monster PSA" category, but I've long since decided I wouldn't be limited by that title on who I could dramatize.

I've always loved Margot Kidder, ever since I saw her as Lois Lane in Superman. She's been in other great movies too, like The Amityville Horror and Sisters. But my childhood crush evolved into admiration as I got older and saw her in various documentaries about her movies: unlike other actors, she's willing to talk about what actually happened at the time--the good, the bad, and the ugly--and I find that wonderfully refreshing.

I had a couple of different taglines in my mind for this one, but ultimately her famous line from the dinner scene with Christopher Reeve as Superman won out. Looking back, its a pretty racy line, for what was a family movie franchise; but Kidder as Lois says it in such a way its mostly cute...with just a touch of bad girl moxie.


Diabolu Frank said...

I like pink... very much.

wiec? said...

nice job. i always had a deep and unexplainable love for Lois Lane when i was a kid. she's bossy and always give Clark crap but i dunno ... she has moxy.

and thanks rob! i needed a new screen saver for my work computer this week. lois should do nicely.

rob! said...

WIEC-Ha! Glad to be of service.

Aaron Bias said...

rob! For the love of God, don't get Amy started on Margot Kidder! Trying to watch "Superman" around my wife is just 2+ hours of "I don't get it; is she supposed to be GOOD looking??"