Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wolf Man

I've been excited about the Wolf Man remake--opening this Friday--ever since I first heard about it, way back in 2008. Now that its here, I thought this was the perfect time to post the first of two custom Wolf Man posters I made up for the occasion.

When putting together a poster for a real movie, I try my best and stay away from anything that might look like the actual one. So for this, I thought why not keep The Wolf Man partially hidden from view? I thought maybe having an over the shoulder shot paired with very bold and dramatic typography might strike the right tone.

I had another idea for a Wolf Man poster, which we'll see here tomorrow!


BronzeTiger said...

Simply wonderful visually Rob, too bad they won't let you do anything with it.

Wings said...

I love how he is looking toward the moon, instead of toward the viewer. Nice!

rob! said...

Thanks guys!

Joe-Glad you noticed that. I sort of liked hiding what the Wolf Man looked like.