Monday, February 22, 2010

Monster PSA: Tom Atkins

This Monster PSA was one of my stranger notions, in that it features someone virtually unknown outside genre circles (unlike movie icons like Karloff, Lugosi, and Chaney), but that's also what made it a little more fun for me.

Tom Atkins has been a lot of movies and TV shows (including an episode of my favorite series, M*A*S*H), but its really in the horror/sci-fi genre that he became a famous face: in the 70s and 80s, he appeared in The Fog, Escape From New York, Halloween III, Night of the Creeps, and Creepshow. Atkins had the ability to toggle back and forth between good guy and bad guy parts and that's one of the things I was going for with this poster.

In particular, in The Fog and Halloween III he beds the female protagonists with virtually no effort, displaying a machoness we really don't see in movies anymore. (I remember seeing The Fog about ten years ago in a theater, and right after Atkins' character first meets Jamie Lee Curtis's, the next scene is them post-coital. The whole sequence is so casual that the audience burst out laughing, in recognition of how much things have changed)

I'm not entirely sure I got the tag line just right--it doesn't roll off the tongue the way some of the other do--and it reflects what a hard time I had capturing the mood I was going for: that if Tom Atkins shows up in your movie, you're not quite sure what he's going to do.


Christopher Mills said...

I'm a big Atkins fan. Was glad to see him the MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake - classed up the joint a bit. Really dig him in Bill Lustig's MANIAC COP, too, where he's pretty much co-lead with Bruce Campbell.

Wings said...

Definitely a good choice. He is The Man.

ijwilson said...

Love it! The tagline is hilarious -- really works for him.

Anonymous said...

Would love this on a T-shirt!