Friday, February 12, 2010

From The Vault: Bruce Wayne - 2002

In the years following the abysmal Batman and Robin (1997), comic fans spent a lot of time fantasizing about how best to reboot the Batman film series.

In 2002, I though that Clive Owen--then not nearly as famous as he is now--would make a fantastic Bruce Wayne (which, to me, is the more important role to get right), so I worked up this geeky little portrait of Owen as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Obviously, after I finished the shot of Owen, I must have lost interest in the piece, because that Bat-Signal is sloppy and weak; and it single-handedly turned what could've a solid piece into a missed opportunity. Oh well.

And, as good as Christian Bale ended up being in the Batman films (and that is very good), I still think Owen would've been great, too.


Sean Tiffany said...

Wow! Very Nice! I've never even heard of you doing this piece let alone seen such a thing.

I think it's great!

Thank you for From The Vault Fridays!

Manu Mane said...

He also could have made a good James Bond, according a lot of 007's fans. Producers finally chose Dan Craig, which has been a surprising choice, but not so bad refering to the original books ^^