Monday, February 8, 2010

Monster PSA: Bela Lugosi

For some ungodly reason, I went on a kick of watching Monogram/PRC movies, many of which, sadly for him, feature Bela Lugosi.

One of his most "famous" PRC movies is The Devil Bat, featuring Bela as your typical mad scientist, experimenting on bats and then having them commit murders. Its a doozy of a film.

There's a long (read: padded) sequence of Bela standing outside his lab, zapping one of his pet bats with electricity, or something, and the shot of him wearing goggles and peeking through the window at his handiwork made me laugh, and inspired this poster.

Plus, I just enjoyed taking Barry Goldwater's infamous phrase and twisting it for my own silly ends.


Wings said...

Interesting, non-Dracula take on Lugosi. :)

rob! said...

Bela did so many movies, I feel like I could do fifty PSA posters just on him!