Friday, February 26, 2010

From The Vault: Bob Hope - 2003

I've done a lot of portraits of famous people to commemorate their passing, but its mostly of people I had strong affection for.

I wouldn't quite say that about Bob Hope, but I did love him in those Road movies he did with Bing Crosby, and its always a loss when someone who goes that far back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, so when Hope died in 2003 I put this piece together.

Its not a bad piece, but I think my favorite part is the shape--I like the tall, thin rectangle, and it reminds me a bit of those old-time lobby cards from the era of movies when Hope was a huge star.


iZombie said...

amazing work, i know you have heard that... but have you ever heard this... my zombie is happy!

rob! said...