Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jelly of the Month: Fist

Usually there's more time between my submissions for Jelly of the Month, but since I didn't get around to doing the January one (theme: Favorite Villains) until nearly the end of the month, it was only a few days before Jelly's admins announced the theme for February: Ten Minutes.

"Ten Minutes" meaning you only had ten minutes to work on whatever it was you were going to submit, whether it was finished or not. That way no one had an excuse not to submit something, since, hey, it would only take you ten minutes!

I thought that was an ingenious idea, and before I started in on another Time Out New York portrait, I set aside 10-15 minutes to work on this (I wasn't counting what I call "prep time" against my ten minute time budget).

My first oh-so-clever idea was to have a picture of an alarm clock, repeated over ten panels, each with the minute hand moving one minute forward per panel. When I realized that would break the ten minute rule, I abandoned it, since without the payoff it wouldn't look like much of anything.

So I had this other picture in my head, of a cartoony fist raised in anger (or solidarity, or revolution, or something), and its loosey-goosey feel would be perfect for only having ten minutes in which to execute it.

So, nine minutes and change later, I was done--I had stuck to the rules, and I had completed something I thought was cool looking. I titled it "Revolution in Ten Minutes."

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