Monday, February 16, 2009

Charles Schwab On Investing - Winter 2008

I do a lot of work for the magazine Charles Schwab On Investing, and one of the nice things about their assignments is that they're always different.

If you take a look, you can see all the jobs I've done for them, and this most recent one was just as different--they wanted me to illustrate three people--one wearing glasses, one holding a magnifying glass, the third a monocle--which would then be converted into % signs to accompany an article about being "Tax-Smart."

Originally, they thought I should do the portraits full-color, but after showing them what one of them looked like, we both decided that the % signs were more noticeable if the people were in black and white, and they would drop in corresponding color backgrounds (but not the same color as the sign in that particular picture).

I'm working on another job for On Investing right now, and, true to form, its something very different than all the other jobs I've done for them previously. As always, they are a fine bunch of folks to work with!

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Swinebread said...

I love your work

I wish I learned how to use illustrator