Monday, February 9, 2009

Capital G Ad Campaign, Part 1

One of the big projects that's been taking up so much of my time is working with the ad agency Concept Farm, for a print campaign for the banking firm Capital G.

I was asked to produce an initial batch of nineteen portraits--using Cap G's colors of pink, purple, and green--of some of the firm's customers testifying to Cap G's qualities as a bank.

Each portrait had to be highly detailed, and most of the portraits were of the people from the waist up, which we'll see examples of tomorrow. This ad lumps them all together, and seeing them all in one spot like this makes me relive just how much work went into all these--whew!

The print ads are running in Bermuda, where Cap G is located, so I won't get to see them around here. Thankfully Concept Farm--who were great to work with--provided me with some examples so I could see the final product.

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