Monday, June 14, 2010

Monster PSA: Louis Jourdan

When I retired the Monster PSAs as an ongoing series back in March, I had every intention of bringing them back, but I decided to let authentic inspiration strike instead of contriving to come up with a new "message" every week.

Obviously, the situation in the Gulf has been on my mind--its on everyone's mind--and morphed into the phrase you see at the bottom of the poster. It didn't take too long to find a perfect subject to pair it up with--actor Louis Jourdan, who had an amazing film career long before I became familiar with him, as the mad Anton Arcane in the 1982's Swamp Thing (I also loved him as the bad guy in 1983's Octopussy).

In that film, Jourdan oozes arrogance as he tries to take control of the serum that turned Alec Holland into Swamp Thing, and of course it all goes horribly wrong, as it always does when one thinks they can bend nature to their will.

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Wings said...

Arcane choice, maybe? :)

I love it, great addition!