Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katy Perry

I've never had an opinion one way or the other on Katy Perry, and before last week it had never occurred to me to try a portrait of her.

But one night while mindlessly surfing around teh internets, I came across this video of Ms. Perry (and her adorable kitty Crusty) which is a message for a little girl named Faith, stricken with brain cancer. I guess she's a big fan of Katy Perry, and somehow this got to her, so Katy arranged a beauty salon session for Faith with her personal stylist.

I was so utterly touched by the gesture that I was instantly inspired to do a portrait of Katy Perry, the results of which you see above. She's undoubtedly a beautiful woman, and she has a sweet, old-timey sexiness that appeals to me, so I added some old-fashioned patterns, to her dress and the background.

I was so inspired that I did a second portrait of her, which will show up here tomorrow!

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Diabolu Frank said...

I'm not a fan of her cookie cutter music (she makes Lady Gaga sound like P.J. Harvey.) However, Perry started out in Christian pop, and seems to do a fair bit of charity work. I guess she's a good girl at heart. I've heard of worse uses for a body's fifteen minutes.