Thursday, June 17, 2010

Edward Norton

I'm still having fun doing these portraits of the week, so I'm continuing on, this time with actor Edward Norton.

Mr. Norton is in a new film called Leaves of Grass (not based on what you'd think), so I knew from the beginning I wanted a leafy green look and feel. As I usually do, I tried both color and black and white portraits, but decided it looked better monochromatically.

I must admit, even though Norton does have a new movie out, the main reason I did this was to make my friend Mara happy. She has had a huge, ongoing crush on Mr. Norton, and I kept joking with her that some week I'd get to do a portrait of him for Time Out New York. But, even after five years and multiple projects, the Hot Seat column and EN never crossed paths.

Now that I'm only doing the Hot Seats sporadically, the chances I'll ever get to a portrait of Ed seems slim to none, so I thought why not just go ahead and do one myself? You're welcome Mara!


Sean Tiffany said...

I love the green background. Not because of the "Leaves in the Grass" aspect to it but because it immediately reminds me of Norton in "The Incredible Hulk."

m said...

You've made your friend Mara very happy. It's a rare moment that she gets to do something for herself these days, so gazing upon this yummy picture made her week, maybe her month!!!!

(She is talking in the 3rd person. She acknowledges this and apologizes - it is a side-effect of being a new-ish parent.)

How awesome would it be for EN to see this pic??