Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Sunny Day"

This piece morphed into several different things as I worked on it.

The woman in the water started out as the central figure for another faux-paperback cover, but I could never get a handle on adding text to it, so I abandoned that idea.

Then it was going to be more of a straight "glamour" piece, with no background or realistic details except maybe the water. I ended up not liking any of those attempts, either.

Finally, I started adding more realistic elements (yeah, that sun is pretty big, I guess...) and it became more, in my mind, of a piece of advertising art, maybe for travel or beachwear or something. In any case, it was in this form that it worked best for me, so I called it a day.

(Maybe it was more a case of wish fulfillment, since it was miserably cold and rainy outside as I worked on it)

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