Friday, December 5, 2008

From The Vault: Two-Face - 1995

Back when I first got out of art school, my illustration style was collage art, and I tried to get work that way.

After a while of no success, I gave up on it and moved onto the portraiture that I do today. But then, something weird happened--I landed a couple of illustration jobs--my first ever--with my collage work! I had sent out fliers advertising my collage stuff, and then promptly forgot about them. So, in 1995, I was back doing collage!

But of course I never gave up the portraits, and this piece was my first and only attempt to combine the two. Batman Forever was due out in a few months, and knowing I'd see the first ever live-action Two-Face got me excited enough to try this.

While the idea is solid, and the collage half is cool (I really like the crazy eye), the portrait side is dull. Of course it's not going to be as exciting as the other side, but I think I could've put a bit more detail on the portrait side to make it stronger visually. It sort of looks like Tommy Lee Jones, but not quite.

But at the time though, I didn't see that, and thought this piece was great. It stayed in my portfolio for a long while. Too long.

(Hmm...maybe I should go look for some Aaron Eckhart photos...)

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