Monday, January 3, 2011

The Black Box Club

Thrilled I finally get to show this baby off!

This was a poster I did for The Black Box Club, an online horror radio show that just went live on January 1st! The BBC has seen my horror stuff and thought I'd be perfect to create some sort of poster art for them, and of course I agreed knowing how fun it would be to work on.

I originally had a whole other design and portrait in mind, and I worked up another shot of Christopher Lee as Dracula which I thought came out well. But there was something about the whole thing when finished that left me unsatisfied, so as a lark I worked up a second version, using a portrait of Lee-as-Dracula I had done years ago but never really did anything with.

For whatever reason, this second version really came alive for me very quickly, and I decided then and there to drop the previous work and use this. I tweaked it a bit,. sent it in to the fine folks at the Black Box Club (who wrote the tag line), and they really liked it, using it as part of their online advertising push to announce the unveiling of the site!


Wings said...

I love it! And it sounds like quite an interesting enterprise.

Sean Tiffany said...

Great piece and a really nice design....add BBC to the list of clients!