Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mystery of the Violet-Eyed Girl

The inspiration for this faux-vintage paperback book cover was a photo of woman named Tallest Silver, who is an expert cosplayer (the photo was taken by a friend of mine, and another master cosplayer, named Roxanna Meta).

There was something about the look on her face--half-scared, half-WTF?--combined with the cleavage that made for a wonderfully scary yet sexy image, and would be the perfect subject for a mystery novel cover.

I wanted this one to be a lot older in feel, like one of those spooky drawing room mysteries of the 1920s. There are elements on here that don't really line up with that, but I don't let that kind of thing stop me anymore: I just go ahead and make the thing!


Wings said...

I don't get the scared vibe from it. I get a more comical feeling.

Wings said...

Maybe it is the way her lip curls a bit, on the left?

SilentKitty said...

i Love this cover and everything that your describing goes well with this! i want to buy this book already*^^* Awesome job everyone!!!

SilentKitty said...

Also, i LOVE all of Tallest face expressions! She's the Queen of different epic expressions and i could say this goes up in my top 5 favorite! XD