Wednesday, January 5, 2011

24 Nudes A Second

Another faux-vintage paperback, this piece started out as just an artsy, messy shot of the woman, very hand-drawn looking...but of course there is no illustration I can't slap text on top, behind, or next to.

The "plot" came together rather easily, given the somewhat shamed pose; this girl came to the Big City, got caught up with the wrong people, needed some money, was know the rest.

I think 24 Nudes A Second is one of my better made-up titles, if I do say so myself.


Wings said...

Why someone hasn't hired you to do covers for their novels is beyond me.

Sean Tiffany said...

Great piece and a style I haven't seen you explore yet. I really like the white around her with that sketchy, edgy frame. It looks great!

Ah nudity, it's a shame we almost 40 year old men can't simply go into the nearest city, get naked, and make a few bucks on the side when times are tough.

Where is the market for that??

rob! said...

Joe--Its beyond me, too! :)

Sean--I did want this one to look different, glad it came off fairly well. I want to explore this look more.

I cannot imagine a market that would pay to see me naked, but if there was one...

Harry Goaz said...

Happy New Year !!!

The best illustrations ever.