Friday, August 13, 2010

From The Vault: Count Dracula - 1998

It's Friday the 13th! To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to go back into the vaults and find something appropriately spooky--which is hard, because pre-my Universal Monsters posters, I really didn't do that much horror-themed art, despite my lifelong affection for horror movies.

But I did find this, the second in a row of Christopher Lee as Dracula portraits I did in 1998. While I think the first one is more interesting visually and overall a better piece, I think this one has its charms, too--I like the off-kilter angle and how Dracula's skin just blends off into the background.

Looking back at this piece, I realize it would make a great centerpiece for some sort of Dracula-themed poster. Stay tuned!


Wings said...

Very nice! Good choice for the day!

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