Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Violets Are Mad

This faux-vintage paperback cover violates my guidelines for doing these things in two ways:

1)Its entirely made up by me--title, author, tag line, the whole thing, and

2)Its really not vintage in any way--faux or otherwise

It started out with the portrait of the pistol-packing mama, and as I played with it I liked using weird, day-glo colors. Once I decided to go that route, I realized she had to be named Violet.

And once I decided that, I realized there wouldn't be any old-timey paperback cover that I could match it with, so I decided just to come up with the whole thing myself. Since our young miss Violet is aiming a gun at someone(s), I figured this would be a "women's revenge" type of story, and everything else fell into place.

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