Monday, August 16, 2010

Monster PSA: Darren McGavin

The idea for this one came out of nowhere, and I had a few moments free to put it together almost immediately.

The original tagline was something to the effect of Darren McGavin being the coolest uncle you never had, but that didn't seem quite right. Sure, I wanted to reflect McGavin's iconic role in The Night Stalker, but he's also equally famous as the Dad in A Christmas Story, and I thought it was necessary to reference that too, somehow.

So, riffing off the first idea, I combined the two approaches and had McGavin as a crusty, avuncular uncle/dad-type who takes you monster-hunting as a day out--ending with ice cream, comics, and a ball game, surely. What kid wouldn't want a day out like that?


Wings said...

Great poster!

Aaron Bias said...

rob!Darren McGavin was also "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" in the 60's. What's really cool is that Marx did a spy action figure in the 60's called "Mike Hazard" who looks suspiciously like an unlicensed likeness of a young Darren McGavin.