Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweet Lips, Swap Lips

This is one of my favorite faux-vintage paperback book covers, because its lighter, more whimsical than these things usually turn out.

It didn't start that way, but as I messed around with it I realized I liked what I was doing, which I find is usually the best way to go about these things. Unless I have a rock solid vision in my head for what I want, I try and relax and let the muse (such as it is) take over.

This title and author are real--its from a book I have of paperback "drug" book covers, and I have absolutely no idea what the title means. It doesn't even make sense, really, but hey I didn't write it!

I did add the tagline, since the original book didn't have one. Once I added the red leafy effect in the background, I conceived the book's plot--some saucy dame shows up in a sleepy town (in the Fall?), and its like throwing a grenade. Hilarity ensues.


iZombie said...

very, very cool... not just this one...but all you do....

Wings said...

This is a cover that would draw readers in by the boatload!

rob! said...

Thanks guys!