Monday, August 23, 2010


This was one of those weird pieces that I whipped up in between working on other projects, having no idea where I was going when I started.

This version of Humphrey Bogart is from a time before he was the iconic Bogie--when the actor was stuck playing gangsters, prisoners, and all-around Second Tough Guys.

As I worked on it, I realized I wanted it to be as angular and rough as possible, which I think works to the piece's overall strength. I added a grimy pattern to the shirt, and did the background old school. I turned out as one of my favorite pieces in a long time.


Wings said...

It all works, and all brings out what Bogey was good at - not being the typical leading man, but being a rough around all the edges real man.

Michael Jones said...

Reminds me of Fred C. Dobbs.