Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chief Martin Brody

After last week's Charles Foster Kane pseudo-trading card, I let my mind wander to try and find another iconic movie character that I would enjoy drawing. It didn't take long, because Jaws is on my shelf just to my left as I type this.

One thing I did notice about these--there's something about the way syllables read, combined with the established design, that requires whatever character is the subject to have three names. So, going forward, I have to stick to only three-named characters. Anyone have any suggestions?


Wings said...

I like this one!

As for others, would adding an adjective before or after the name help? Like "Inigo Montoya, Avenger"?

Wings said...

As for other three name characters... Hmmm... Lisa Carol Fremont, Grace Kelly's character from "Rear Window".

Spectergirl said...

Very nice! You should consider a career in political posters. I think Chief Brody could get reelected on the power of this piece. Even after the whole shark attach disaster. (Just don't work for the bad guys!)

And I vote for 'Dead Grandpa Seth' from Troll 2!

rob! said...

Joe--I like the Rear Window idea, esp. since there's that scene of her saying all three names. Good one!

Amy--I would love a career in political posters, if someone(s) wanted to hire me. Like them, I am FOR SALE!

Don't know about any Troll 2 tribute posters, tho.

Chris E. said...

I want this on a shirt!