Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Closed For The Season Ad & Teaser Poster

In addition to the regular "one-sheet" I did for the movie Closed For The Season, I also produced two pieces of ancillary material for it--an ad that appeared in the Monster-Mania program book (top), and a "teaser" poster (bottom) that was used on various spots around the internet.

These were both a lot of fun to do, because they were pure design pieces--I didn't have to create any new visual elements for them; rather I just reorganized some of same parts from the poster with some different text.

I designed the teaser poster in the same proportions as the old-time "lobby cards" movie studios used to make. I had originally designed it to be the same size as the regular poster, but I thought it actually looked better thinned out the way you see it.

I went to the Monster-Mania con last Saturday, where I got to meet my friend (and co-star and producer of the movie) Damian Maffei, as well as another one of the stars, Joe Unger, and the writer/director Jay Woelfel. They had my poster reproduced as a smaller postcard, and it was cool seeing something I did right there along with all the other stuff from the movie!

Closed For The Season will of course have life as a DVD, and there's a chance my poster will be reused in that format in some manner. I'd of course love to see it be *the* DVD cover, if no other reason then I'd be able to see it on Netflix! Stay tuned...

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