Friday, July 17, 2009

From The Vault: Seal - 2003

During the summer of 2003, right after I had met Darlin' Tracy but was still living in my apartment, I was inspired to work on a bunch of animal-related pieces, and during a 2-3 week period I was cranking them out at a furious pace.

Thinking I might be able to sell them as original pieces of art, I decided to do most of them "the old-fashioned way"; meaning with cut paper, glue, and paint, instead of digitally. It meant filling the air with that nasty spray glue smell, but what the hell--what's a few lost brain cells in the cause of art?

I ended up with a pretty solid good to bad ratio with them--many of them I was very happy with (some of which can still be seen on my Animal Art page), some very good but not great, and some would never be seen again.

This one of the seal seemed to be in that middle category--a solid piece, but not one of the best, so it went into the vault, pretty much never to be seen again. But looking over it again now, I think its looks pretty good!

One footnote: In 2006, I was invited to hang some of my work as part of a small gallery showing in Philadelphia. Since most of the originals I had on me were the animal pieces, I just brought them. By the end of the show, I had sold all but two or three pieces, including this one! So obviously they struck some sort of chord.

Maybe I should start doing these again!


wiec? said...

the gorilla and the giraffe one are awesome but they're allpretty stunning. same goes for the seal. cool stuff. i say do some more.

i use that spray glue stuff too sometimes. i usually use it on the fore escape though. stuff stinks. and if you ever get it on your finger tips keep them away from yer eyes and hair. yikes.

open the window when you use that stuff.

Sean Tiffany said...

Ah, the days of using spray glue at McNabb's in a small, closed room. Between the spray glue, the crystal clear, Dr. Martin airbrush dye, and the rubber cement thinner I think we all have some nerve damage coming our way in later life.

Great piece. I really like seeing the dropshadow of the construction paper from the scan so you can tell it's really been pasted down.

Great stuff as always!