Friday, July 10, 2009

From The Vault: Neil Diamond - 1994

Sometimes picking the week's "From The Vault" piece is a total stream of consciousness process.

I was in the middle of making a CD mix of songs for Darlin' Tracy, something I do fairly regularly that she enjoys. Its generally a mix of some new songs I've discovered, some older songs in my collection I think she'd like, and some random songs she'll mention that she likes. One song from the last category was Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", so as soon as I could I downloaded it from iTunes.

Then, as I was deciding what piece to put up here, I remembered back in 1994, my formerly-Kubert School pals Sean Tiffany and Dan Eaker had some weird thing going where they fell in love with Neil Diamond's music. I remember not being able to tell whether it was all a joke, or serious, or some combo of the two.

Anyway, at the time I decided to get in on the joke by doing this cut-paper portrait of the man rocking out. I didn't think it came out too bad, but now I wish I had let the orange part creep a little further into the yellow part, and not stop at the black, dammit! What was I thinking?


Sean Tiffany said...

Wasn't the original title of this piece something like "The hack who writes songs about ET"? Ha ha!

Awesome piece that brings back some great memories!

rob! said...

Ha! That actually rings a bell. I might have called it that, in my less charitable days.

Now, I enjoy a couple of ND songs, at least.