Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Feature: Laura/Gilda

This is a custom-made poster for a double feature that never existed, but should have.

I was asked by my pal Eddie Muller, writer and film historian, to work up a poster for a Laura/Gilda double feature, to accompany an article currently appearing on his Film Noir Foundation website, called "Single Word Double Bills" by Don Malcolm, all about great, single-word-titled film noir movies paired together.

I got so excited about the prospect of putting this piece together that I literally couldn't wait to work on it, and ended up putting other work aside so I could get to this. I spent one wonderful, sunny Sunday putting most of this together, then finished it off the next day.

As soon as Eddie asked me about doing the piece, I came up with main visual motif in my mind--having both title women be (of course) the focus, and having their male co-stars match each other as monochromatic background elements.

From beginning to end, it was a pure joy to work on, and I'm proud that its up on the Film Noir Foundation site, and I'm so glad Eddie asked me to do it!


Sean Tiffany said...

I love that both men in the background reflect the colors of their girl's logo colors. Very nice little touch. The piece is as great as I always expect you to do!

Craig Zablo said...

Cool concept for a poster and of course you did a great job. I've enjoyed Eddie's work as well.

wiec? said...

great stuff as usual. The Gilda is especially striking. a real beaut.