Monday, July 20, 2009

The Curse of the Cat People

While figuring out what movie I wanted to make one of my custom-made posters for, I had a couple of choices, ultimately going with The Third Man.

But Val Lewton's Curse of the Cat People was a close second, so I figured why not just jump right into this one the following Sunday, which seems to be becoming my most fertile day for producing these things?

Originally, I had wanted just to do a poster for the original film, the classic Cat People, but during my photo search for pics of both film's star, Simone Simon, I found an amazingly beautiful shot of her from some French fashion magazine in the 1940s.

I realized that I could use that to bathe her in shadows, and have her looking down upon the other characters, which meant that it would better as the poster for Cat People's sequel, The Curse of the Cat People, where her character, Irena, sort-of haunts the other characters from beyond the grave (Irena having died at the end of the original film).

RKO Films' publicity department slapped menacing pics of cats on both films' posters, even though its a highly misleading image, and I felt compelled to follow suit. Mrrrowwwrrr!

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Craig Zablo said...

These are so cool. Thanks for sharing your talents!