Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time Out New York: Bryan Cranston

This week's "Hot Seat" subject for Time Out New York was actor Bryan Cranston, who was promoting his TV series Breaking Bad, which is currently winning all kinds of acclaim.

Usually, TONY doesn't like me to include too-specific elements to the portrait backgrounds, but for this week they asked if I could add some sort of little design thing to reference his character in the show, who produces illicit drugs to make ends meet.

So I added two test tubes and a beaker, and for whatever reason, I saw the opening credits to Rocky & Bullwinkle in my head (no, I'm not on said illicit drugs), during a part where they had some sort of sketchy colors (like how I have the dark blue), and superimposed over the colors were some shapes, but reversed so that they were white outlines.

Why I thought this was the way to go for this, I don't know, but went with it I did, and I actually really like it--it gives the piece a lighter touch (which I think fits the show), and it looks kinda spiffy. I'll have to try that again sometime.

Thanks, Jay Ward!

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