Friday, March 6, 2009

From The Vault: Cut Out Dissection - 1996

This is one of a handful of illustrations I did for the Daily Record newspaper, from 1995-1996, for an article about dissection (as you can tell from the headline).

A teacher of mine from the Kubert School told me that the paper was looking to hire some artists for an occasional article. And since they couldn't pay much, they were willing to hire artists with relatively little experience, which was what I was at the time.

After meeting with the art director, I ended up doing assignment after assignment for a couple of months, and it was a very rewarding relationship--she and the paper got brand-new, eye-catching illustrations (instead of clip art) for very little money, and I gained lots of professional experience and a bunch of printed samples to show off to try and land more work.

This--like all of the pieces I did for the Daily Record--were done entirely in cut paper, no digital effects. And while I could do a lot better now, I do think this holds up fairly well. My time with the paper stands as one of the key moments in my freelance career.

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