Monday, March 9, 2009

Jelly of the Month: The Silhouette

This month's subject for the Jelly of the Month blog was, appropriately enough, Watchmen.

I figured everyone would be doing portraits of Rorshach, The Comedian, etc., so I decided to tackle one of the minor characters--the superheroine The Silhouette, who was one of the original Minutemen.

She only has a few scenes in the book, and dies off-panel, but something about her really stuck with me--and it was a treat to see her whole story arc conveyed in the Watchmen movie, which I saw over the weekend.

I'm not particularly adept at illustration action or fight scenes, so I thought it'd be cool to do a static shot of the character in the form of a poster, since the P.R. aspect of being a superhero is one of the themes of the series.

And of course, I can't resist adding old-timey text.

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Love It