Friday, March 27, 2009

From The Vault: Purina Cat - 2001

I was commissioned to do this piece for an ad agency back in 2001; I don't even remember what it was for except it had some connection to Purina. The job eventually fell apart for reasons not having to do with me, so I got paid a kill fee for this and that was the end of it.

I'm posting this today because kitty cats are on my mind--there's a pack of about 15 feral cats living by a creek behind a 7-11 that Darlin' Tracy and I pass by every Thursday, and we've gotten into the habit of buying several cans of cat food and dumping them out so the cats can get to them.

We're not the only ones feeding them, since we see bowls of water and other traces of food around. Tonight was especially hard to see them all, since its still very cold (even though Spring is a week old), and it rained all day--seeing all those poor, cold kitty cats brave the elements to scarf up the food we dumped made us both sad.

We've thought about trying to capture some of them and getting them spayed, so at least they won't keep creating more homeless kitties, but since we already have a cat at home (and a very barky dog) we'd have no place to keep them, at least overnight.

Plus, how do you trap more than one feral cat at a time?

I know none of this has nothing to do with my artwork. Its just on my mind tonight.

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