Monday, January 26, 2009

The Girl From Sunrise

I just finished the second phase (of three) of this big project I'm working on, and about to start on another big project, so I wanted to work on something simple and stress-free in the meantime, which meant another faux-paperback book cover.

Based on the model I was using, I knew I wanted the book to be fun and upbeat, so I made up my own title, tag line, and author (a combo of actor Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright, whose TV series Spaced I was watching while working on this), and decided to tie it in visually and thematically with my very first paperback book cover, The Girl From Midnight.

After adding the outline to the girl and the circle, I thought it started looking like a label you'd see on food or something, which kicked off imagination, and I imagined this book was about a free-thinking, free-loving woman who entrances men and leaves a bunch of broken hearts in her wake, all set in sunny Florida (and maybe her father is an orange juice magnate, or something).

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