Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Two Bullets In The Chamber"

I posted this poster on my last formal update, but there were some cool developments with it since that I wanted to mention.

As I mentioned when I first put it up, this poster for a movie that doesn't exist was inspired by a particularly fun audio commentary track for the 1948 film noir Road House by authors and film historians Eddie Muller and Kim Morgan.

I met Eddie a few years ago at a book signing, and we've kept in touch since. So after I put the poster up on the site, I emailed Eddie to tell him about it.

He emailed me back, telling me he loved it, and asked if he could post it on his Film Noir Foundation site, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the genre. I was thrilled that Eddie liked it enough to put it up on his site, and he even posted my comments about the making of it, which you can see here:
(click to read the rest)

Eddie also suggested I email Kim Morgan to tell her about it, as well. Not knowing her, that didn't really occur to me. But Eddie thought I should, so I sent her a brief note.

Kim wrote back: "
I love your work. Consider me a new fan and keep in touch." Wow!

One of my favorite things--maybe the favorite--about the internets is how it allows people to communicate that normally never could. It felt good to show to Eddie and Kim how inspiring their passion for film noir was for me, and of course I always enjoy people telling me they like my work.

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