Monday, October 27, 2008

Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple

A couple of weeks ago, on the superb blog Frankensteinia, my friend Pierre posted a few pages of a comic book sequence called "Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple", by cartoonist Roger Langridge.

Something about that inspired an idea in me--what if the Universal Frankenstein movie series had devolved so badly by the mid-40s that they decided to try and pair up their #1 monster with America's Sweetheart? I think it might go something like...

I knew having little Shirley Temple in the same visual space as Frankenstein would look so goofy and wrong that I wouldn't need much else to sell it--a couple of standard monster movie props, plus an absurd plot description...done and done!

I sent it to Pierre, and he liked it so much that he wrote a whole post about my Frankenstein work:
Frankensteinia is such a good, well-written site, that I'm enormously proud that my work has appeared on it, and that Pierre said such nice things about me and my work.

And he's right--Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple is by far the silliest poster I have yet to work on.

But who knows what the future holds?

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