Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time Out New York: Elizabeth Moss

Last week's Time Out New York "Hot Seat" portrait, actress Elizabeth Moss.

I knew Moss from her role as one of the President's daughters on The West Wing, but right now she is a regular on Mad Men, and she's currently in a New York production of David Mamet's Speed the Plow, which was what she was promoting in the interview.

Generally, when having to do a portrait of someone who doesn't have a strong public identity, I like to try a Golden Age of Hollywood-era "glamour" type of look, and I was fairly happy with how this one came out.

Looking back over it now, I think maybe I would've pulled in on Ms. Moss a little tighter, and moved her to the right a bit more. But these Hot Seat deadlines are always pretty tight, so unless some glaring change appears to me when I look it over one more time before "shipping it out", I generally go with what I thought was right the first time.

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