Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Jill From Paris - 2008

This is a first for me--one of my faux-paperback book covers that is a "sequel" to a previous one (see yesterday).

As I've said before, these paperback covers are usually put together on a whim. I don't plan them out, the way I do my posters or other kinds of stuff--I generally get the idea to do one, and a few hours later, it's done.

So when looking for photos to use as the model for Miss Jill From Shanghai, I found two separate photos of the same women, both of which could be used for my purposes.

So after finishing up Miss Jill From Shanghai, I thought why not "continue" Miss Jill's adventures, to yet another glamorous locale? So this time around, Miss Jill heads for Paris.

The background pattern gives (to me) a vaguely "fashionista" feel, so putting her in the fashion capital of the world seemed to make sense.

Will Miss Jill keep traveling? Who knows...

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