Friday, October 17, 2008

From The Vault: "Sunset" - 1994

Every Friday, I'll be posting a piece from what I like to call "The Vault"--the absurdly-vast archive of pieces I've created over the years, but have either never shown, or had in my portfolio at one time but have long since been replaced by newer (and hopefully better) pieces.

This is piece #180, created sometime in 1994, with cut paper and paint. This cut-paper style was still fairly new to me, so I was experimenting with it in all kinds of ways, to see if I could achieve different moods or looks.

And while this piece doesn't have all that much going on in it, really, I did like the contrast of the heavy dark figure and the sunset-y colors. It proved to me that this new style I developed could work well, even if I wasn't portraying someone recognizable.

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