Tuesday, July 6, 2010

John Wayne

I watched the classic film Stagecoach for the first time over the weekend, and as I listened to the accompanying commentary track, it occurred to me I never did a portrait of the film's legendary star, John Wayne.

Even though Wayne did many films other than westerns, its that genre he's most known for, so I pretty quickly decided I wanted a classic, full-figure shot of him, in front of an impossibly blue sky.

Since we're so far away, this doesn't immediately click as Wayne, but that's okay--the overall design of the piece was the thing I was most concerned with, and that's what I got!


Wings said...

I like it, pilgrim!

Michael Jones said...

If you do return to the Duke, I request Rooster Cogburn!

rob! said...


MJ--Took me this long to do a Duke portrait, don't know how long it'll be before I do another one. Though eye-patches are fun...