Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stacey London is Lois Lane

I'm a regular viewer of TLC's What Not To Wear (go ahead, laugh; I don't care!), and not too long after I started watching it I happened upon the idea that, in a parallel universe, co-host Stacey London would be an excellent Lois Lane.

First off, London is beautiful and glamorous. But she also had a brassy confidence that, to me, is exactly how I've always pictured the character of Lois Lane.

Now, of course I have no idea if Ms. London can act (or would want to even if she could), but I didn't let that stop me from putting together this portrait of her, pen and pad in hand, waiting to get the next scoop for The Daily Planet.

I originally was going to do this as whole Lois-centric Superman movie poster, but I had a really hard time putting that together to my satisfaction so I changed it to this, a sort of teaser poster which would each highlight the different actors playing the world-famous characters.

I picture this Superman movie as a 1940s-style, fast-talking action comedy, with the Daily Planet scenes being something out of movies like His Girl Friday or The Front Page. Sure, that will never happen, but why should that stop me?

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