Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Pal Laura

I did this portrait of my pal Laura Menck on the occasion of her birthday, which was last week.

Laura hired me to do a logo for her charity, The Animal Care for Artists Initiative, which helps provide health insurance the the pets of self-employed people. Laura was a total pleasure to work with, and since then we stayed in contact and became friends (even though we've never met, having been on opposite ends of the country). She's always been a big booster of my work and I'm constantly impressed by her dedication and love for animals, something I take very close to heart.

Thanks to Facebook, I knew her birthday was coming up, so I whipped up this portrait of her, based on a photo she had posted on her page. I loved how you only saw her eyes, with the dog being the focus of the shot--which seemed to perfectly sum up how much effort Laura puts into caring for animals.

I messed around with the colors for a bit, finally adding a kitchy dog-and-cat icon font as a background pattern. After finishing it, I posted it on Laura's FB page as a way to say Happy Birthday.

Luckily, Laura loved it (as did some of her other friends), and she even used it as her FB avatar, which made me feel great. Laura has joked that if Tracy and I ever come to California, we'll have to come by and actually meet Laura, her husband Ric, and their pup Dolly--something that we'd definitely do, if we ever make it back out to the West Coast!

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