Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charles Schwab On Investing: Spring 2010

This was another piece I did for Charles Schwab On Investing magazine, which ran in their Spring 2010 issue.

These assignments for CSOI are always a fun challenge because they're always different from one another (you can see previous CSOI illustrations here), and the back-and-forth with them always makes for a satisfying final result.

This piece was for an article about older people who are taking advantage of a new provision that allows additional contributions to 401K-type retirement funds. Hence, this illustrations has two older people running past someone younger on their way to the retirement "finish line."

I usually don't add heavy outlines when I have multiple figures in one picture, but in this case it really looked good to me and helped separate them from the background person (who I faded just a touch for extra effect).

I've already finished another illustration for CSOI, which will of course show up here as well!

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