Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wonder Girl

Sometimes I have some down time in between working on more involved projects, so I sort of "doodle" around on something like this.

The portrait was less important in my mind than the overall feel of the piece--with the font and background elements, I was going for the kind of look the Wonder Woman TV show credits had, with their 40s-esque graphics.

I don't think this piece is going on any "Best of" list, but it was a fun lark.


Wings said...

Who did you have in mind when you drew her? She doesn't resemble Debra Winger, to me, so was there another lady in mind?

rob! said...

Its not meant to be Debra Winger, even though I'm going for that feel with the font and background. I just wanted it to look like a real-life Wonder Girl.

Wings said...

Well, you succeeeded. I like her girl-next-door appeal!

Manu Mane said...

I read somewhere, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) should look like - or often look like - a young Demi Moore.... Your's is very nice anyway !

Jane Eleanor Knight said...

Substitute a white maple leaf on the chest for the yellow stars as well as "Wonder Lady" instead of "Wonder Girl", and I think you would have the next hit series on Global or CTV. I would love wearing that red top along with hot pants and nylons, but I prefer tennis shoes or sandals instead of boots--I want to show off my legs.