Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Out New York: Mila Kunis

The first "Hot Seat" portrait for Time Out New York for 2010 is actress Mila Kunis!

Like the Penelope Cruz and Kristen Bell pieces I did previously, having to go on teh internets and look at pictures of Mila Kunis is not exactly what you'd call heavy lifting.

Ms. Kunis' eyes and hair are so striking that I knew I wanted to make them the most compelling part of the image. I originally had this as a black and white piece with the colored background, but in playing with it I realized it looked better--warmer--in full color, so I went with that.

I didn't see much of That 70s Show during its run, but I thought she was great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it was the warmth she showed in that movie that made me feel the less stark-look was more appropriate.

I added some little details (like the slight glow from behind), and the whole thing came together pretty quickly after that.


Sean Tiffany said...

Beautiful piece! And I fell in love with her in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as well!

I hope she gets a chance to see what a great job you did of capturing how sexy she is!

Randy said...

Very, very nice work, Rob. I saw her sporadically on the few episodes of &0s Show I have seen, but like the rest of you fell in love with her in Sarah Marshall.

She should definitely get to see this somehow.

wiec? said...

this is great and probably a lot more fun to work on than the Charles Schwab stuff.