Monday, August 24, 2009

Monster PSAs: Glenn Strange

I can never resist a series!

After finishing last week's Bela Lugosi PSA-type poster, I of course let my mind wander, trying to come up with some other, public service-type messages that some of the other Universal Monsters could deliver.

Once I finished the Glenn Strange portrait, I worked on crafting a gentle, reassuring message, since, from what I've read of the man, he was an exceedingly sweet guy. After all, who wouldn't want Glenn (as Frankenstein) telling you he's sure you're going to be okay? I know I would!

I actually like this one better than that Bela poster--this portrait especially has that simple, kinda cruddy look that a lot of the Frankenstein/Universal Monsters merch had from the 60s and 70s, before stock art guides took over.


Steve Spatucci said...

Very cool. Now, since you gave me that Abbott and Costello DVD, I can't stop thinking about the fact that Glenn Strange was southern - there's something about a monster (or even the actor playing him) with a southern accent that just seems funny to me. Funny ha-ha and funny strange.

rob! said...

In the couple of rare clips where I've seen him talk more than "Raarrr!" or "Fire bad!", he doesn't seem to have an accent. Maybe he worked to get rid of it, the way the used to in Old Hollywood?

Love that avatar, btw. "Steve--Now with Telescopic Vision!"

Steve Spatucci said...

Yes, that is me with some kind of eye-related power - which I created the day I got glasses. Maybe some kind of compensation there.

I think I heard one clip, maybe on the documentary on the DVD you gave me, where you could hear a pretty thick drawl - but it might have been older, too. Hollywood'll beat that accent out of you - especially if you're a monster.