Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Has Boobs, Reads Comics

One of the (too)many comics blogs I read is TheNerbyBird.com, written by the charming Jill Pantozzi. Her catchphrase is "Has Boobs, Reads Comics", because...well, she has and she does.

A couple of weeks before the San Diego Comic Con, she had a contest for someone to design a sign for her scooter (which she uses to get around because of her Muscular Dystrophy) that would work as a sign to tell people who she was and what her blog was.

Well, I'm a sucker for doing any sort of pure graphic design piece, so I whipped up the above little number, playing off her blog's logo (which also features various superheroines' bustlines) and even throwing in a cartoony version of Jill herself, speeding by.

I sent it in, and a few weeks later...I didn't win. Oh well, I thought, nice try.

But apparently Jill (and people who left comments) liked my design enough to want to turn it into a t-shirt, which she would wear to the SDCC! I thought that was great, and, sure enough, a few weeks later, there was Jill, rocking my design:
...I am filled with pride, seeing my design on a shirt like that. And this is certainly the prettiest thing my work has ever been put next to, on, or near! Thanks Jill!


WITA said...

The shirt looked even better in person. Great job on it!

The Nerdy Bird said...

Aww, thanks Rob! It was a huge hit! I had people staring at my chest ALL DAY! :)