Monday, August 17, 2009

Monster PSAs: Bela Lugosi

I have no idea how I came up with this idea--the image, colors and all, simply popped into my head one day and I tried to getting it down as best as I could.

If I wanted to analyze this (and why not?), I'd say I've always been interested in the idea that the classic Universal Monsters--so terrifying in their day--are now mostly considered warm, friendly icons, suitable for kids. How things change.

Running with that, I liked the idea of using the monsters in sort of PSA-style announcements. And since Bela Lugosi was so bedeviled with financial problems in his life, I think he would be concerned with the average American citizen's staggering amount of credit card debt.

I also wanted to it be a very quick, almost sloppy-looking piece--like those underground "street art" illustrations Shepard Fairey was famous for before he did that Obama piece (hey, I'd like some of my stuff to be in the National Gallery, too--although I doubt this'll be the piece that gets me in there).

Maybe I've put too much thought into this?


wiec? said...

this. is. awesome!

i think you're on to something with this one. maybe a series? think on it.

rob! said...



as to a series, all i can say is: be here next monday!

Steve Spatucci said...

Very nice - I'm all for a series too.

Wait - some people think the classic Universal monsters (I call them the Big Five) AREN'T just for kids? Hmm... how peculiar.

Sean Tiffany said...

Awesome piece! One of my favorite things about it is, as the page loads, I just see the top of Bela's head and "Bela Legosi". I had to scroll down to see what the message was. When I read "is concerned about your credit card debt" I just had to laugh. Great piece!