Friday, November 14, 2008

From The Vault: "Sheryl Crow" - 1995

I did this piece in 1995, when Sheryl Crow was just breaking out as a star, and I thought she was the sexiest woman ever to walk the Earth.

This piece was a little ambitious, in that it was huge--the original cut-paper piece measured almost two feet high, way bigger than I normally did them. I'm not even sure why I felt the need to do it that big, but it did make the piece feel more impressive, somehow.

I was working on this in an apartment I shared with a fellow artist and Kubert School graduate Sean Tiffany, and another Kubie friend, Dan Eaker, was over at the time. He wandered into my room where I was working on this.

I was just getting to the sunglasses, and he suggested making them a color, which I thought sounded good. I reached for a piece of bright orange paper, and...bang! Perfect!

At the time, I was really happy with this piece--I thought it looked cool and hip and was a great example of what I could do with this style. It was in my portfolio for a long time...

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Craig Zablo said...

It may be 14 years old, but it holds up well!